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Best Beginner Guitar Course

is currently closed

Best Beginner Guitar Course is a brand new program that launched in November 2023.

I'm currently teaching it live for twelve weeks and serving the students who signed up. 

Enrollment will open again in 2024. 

Do you fall into one of these two categories?


🎸 You want to learn to play guitar from scratch. 

🎸 You don’t know where to start. 

🎸 You haven’t found the right resource to walk you through the process.


🎸 You play (maybe have been for years), but still feel like a beginner.

🎸 You don’t know exactly what’s missing.

 🎸 You want to develop a solid foundation, fill in the gaps, and sound great. 


If you're one of those two types of people, keep reading.

I'm constantly paying attention to what’s holding guitarists back and what's helping them progress. 

I recently surveyed thousands of guitarists, asking them what their biggest struggles were on the guitar when starting out.

The answers were very revealing, highlighting some of the biggest issues with the way people are learning guitar today.

Here are a few of the top responses that came up over and over again:

“Life was too busy. I was never able to fit in practicing consistently.”

“I was isolated when learning. I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable or support me when it got hard.”

“I had unrealistic expectations. I expected faster progress than was realistic.”

“My focus was too narrow. I learned disconnected pieces of songs that I thought I wanted to know, but didn’t gain a foundation of musical skill that could then be applied to all songs.”

“I practiced techniques like scales, but never learned how to apply it to real music.”

And overwhelmingly, the most common answer was some version of this:

“There’s too much information out there and I was totally scattered.”


“I kept getting distracted, trying to practice too much all at once.”


“I didn’t have a structured path to follow that I could trust.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

Those answers say a lot about how guitar is taught online these days.

😕 We’re told that we can master the instrument easily and quickly if we just have the right exercises, which messes up our expectations. 

😤 We have access to everything all at once, so we don’t know where to start or what to trust, leaving us confused and frustrated. 

😣 We don’t have support for how to consistently fit guitar learning into our busy schedules (which is very possible).

🫤 We’re given flashy, disconnected lessons instead of a unified method for learning. 

😞 And we’re trying to do it all alone, without connection, community, or guidance. 

To make matters worse, all of those difficulties feed on each other, making it feel nearly impossible to make real progress.

The Practice Priority Pyramid

From listening to what thousands of guitarists are saying about their learning experience, and from teaching one-on-one guitar lessons for over twenty years, I’ve discovered that we’re largely focused on the wrong goals. 

How in the world are we supposed to express ourselves, have fun, feel connected, and find fulfillment from music when we’re faced with the roadblocks listed above?

I’ve found that a simple shift in outlook and expectations can lead to incredible progress in guitar learning. 

So I developed something I call “The Practice Priority Pyramid.”

It’s kind of a “hierarchy of needs”, but made for students learning guitar. 

It’s all about what we need to prioritize, and in what order, to indefinitely sustain our practice habit, our learning, our enjoyment, our fulfillment, our results, our sense of connection, and our self-expression.

If our priorities get out of order, that’s how, when, and why we fail or give up.

Combine this with a reliable method that has crystal clear exercise steps, hands-on guidance, a supportive community, and a few other gamified motivators, and students of any age can enjoy music and experience improvement from day ONE!

This is exactly what I’ve created.

To help beginner guitarists

—whether they’re starting from scratch, or wanting to fill in all the gaps and gain a bullet-proof foundation of musical knowledge—

I’ve developed a new program that solves all the major problems that beginner guitar students are facing today.

Boldly, I have titled it Best Beginner Guitar Course.

(Yes, I’m holding myself to that standard.)


 by Jared Borkowski

A Versatile Guitar Foundation for the Well-Rounded Beginner

🎸 Discover a love for the guitar with this complete, foundational exploration of guitar topics.

🎸 Start from scratch or fill in the gaps.

🎸 Master the fundamentals you need to take your playing wherever you want while feeling fulfilled by the process from day ONE.

This program helps all levels of adult beginner guitarists develop a well-rounded and versatile skill-set on the guitar.


Student Testimonials

 "Jared possess a special skill far beyond being a great and knowledgeable musician, he is a wonderful teacher! Jared’s style is unique in that he has the uncanny ability to know where the roadblocks are and provides an approach to get around them."

- Scott (student)

"I’ve been playing guitar for about 15 years - I have improved more in the last few months than in the last decade. Jared’s teaching is an ideal blend of musicality, technique, theory, and fun."

- Jake (student)

"Jared’s range of music education and experience, as well as his thoughtful and adaptable teaching style is truly a gift to find in one person… Music is emotional, not just technical, and I think Jared really understands that and teaches in a way that celebrates that connectivity."

- Jessie (student)

"Jared is exceptionally skilled at breaking down exercises, methods, and techniques into manageable pieces."

- Barbara (student)

"Jared teaches guitar and music in such a thoughtful, positive, and enthusiastic way. In the past 2 years I’ve made substantial progress technically and musically and I have Jared to thank for that."

- Steve (student)

"Jared has a great ability to reveal the simplest ways to make the biggest improvements."

- Beck (student)

"Over the past five months, I’ve already seen significant improvement in both my guitar performance as well as my understanding of the guitar and music in general. Jared is very good at balancing between creativity and technique"

- Brian (student)

"Jared’s approach to teaching theory is very accessible and is easily the most practical thing I’ve ever learned as a guitar player."

- Evan (student)

"I can say with great confidence that Jared is more than just your average music teacher."

- Yim (student)

Here's just some of what you'll learn and what's included inside

Best Beginner Guitar Course

Yes, Best Beginner Guitar Course is a complete, self-paced, online program on mastering the fundamentals one needs to take their playing wherever they want. 

But on a deeper level, it’s about developing a love for the process of learning guitar through a complete, foundational exploration of guitar topics.

The core training in the course cycles through twelve levels of twelve different categories of music-learning that address all the biggest problems guitar students face: 

  1. Fretboard Fundamentals (The logic of the fretboard)
  2. Proper Guitar Technique & Ergonomics 
  3. Playing Single Notes & Melodies
  4. Playing Chords & Harmony (supporting melodies)
  5. String Articulation: Strumming & Plucking
  6. Time, Feel, Groove, Rhythm, & Metronomes
  7. Reading Guitar Music, TABS, & Diagrams
  8. Music Theory Essentials
  9. Ear Training Essentials
  10. Songwriting & Composing
  11. Improvisation & Jamming
  12. Performance-worthy Pieces: Songs, Licks, & Riffs in Various Styles

Each level of the curriculum is delivered weekly for twelve weeks, and after that students have permanent access to all the training. 

Here’s just some of what’s included:

  • A crystal clear path on exactly what to learn and what to practice in what order—no more overwhelm from too many lessons and directions! (In fact, I’ll even ask you to ignore my weekly free lessons while you’re working through the program.)
  • ORGANIZED, SIMPLE, STRAIGHT-FORWARD, Step-by-Step exercise guides
  • A Guaranteed, well-rounded foundation in all important guitar-learning topics so you don’t feel like there are gaps in your knowledge down the road. You’ll know more of the basic fundamentals than a lot of experienced players! 
  • Tangible pieces of music you can play at the end of each lesson section.
  • Interactive quizzes to make sure you’re absorbing the information in the course.
  • Complete, print-friendly method book of all the material and exercises from the course.
  • Recommendations on exactly what guitar and accessories to get if you don’t have all the equipment. 
  • And LOTS more! 

Here’s just some of what you’re learn:

  • How to maximize practice efficiency for adults (based on science).
  • How to still make practice time on the guitar even if you have very little extra time.
  • How to make the experience and journey as joyful as possible from day one.
  • How to integrate music into your busy work life and family life so it doesn’t feel like an “extra” thing you have to get done, but instead compliments your current lifestyle and flows beautifully with all your other obligations. 
  • How to apply music theory in a way that is fun, interesting, and actually benefits your music making. You’ll know what musicians are talking about when they’re speaking music theory lingo. 
  • How to write your first song (or improve your songs)
  • How to improvise and jam with other musicians. 
  • Proper technique and ergonomics for long-term enjoyment and progress. 
  • How to read tabs, notation, and chord and scale diagrams. 
  • How to manipulate songs to fit your needs and interests. 
  • And LOTS more!

🤔 Maybe you're thinking, "Sounds great, but how much does it cost to invest in a program like this?"

I just got an email the other day from a student who’s in one of my other courses. 

He told me about two teachers he was studying with for years and he joined my course because he was frustrated with his progress. 

He said his teachers were great, but he wrote:

“I got 30-60 minutes with these guys, and hours of practice, but could not rewatch the videos like I can do with you. I spent thousands of dollars over 6 years in NYC. And not making the progress that I wanted.

Good teachers are at least $100 per lesson. One month of weekly lessons and you’ll have spent at least $400, and you’ll just barely be getting started on making any progress. 

One year in and you’ll have spent over $5,000 on lessons.

Five years in and you’ll have spent over $25,000 on lessons.  

And when you realize how hard it is, how slow true progress is, you might splurge on some new gear that promises to make you sound better. 

A new guitar, maybe a couple new guitars, a new amp, a series of effects pedals. 

Collecting gear like that easily adds up to another $5,000.

It can be fun to get new gear, but it doesn’t make us better at music.  

We’ll eventually discover that the focus on consistent practice, and having a reliable path to follow, are the only things that really make a difference in our musicianship. 

So how much might a program be that hones in on all the right aspects of learning?

  • A program that walks the balance of acknowledging that it takes work to get the rewards, but keeps it fun at the same time… 
  • A program built on decades of teaching experience… 
  • A self-paced program that offers life-time access.
  • A program that calls itself the “Best Beginner Guitar Course...”

Well, I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on my guitar education so you don’t have to—including over $100,000 just for my music school college tuition..  

For a course that five years in, you’ll still be drawing from, I won’t charge anywhere close to $25,000—the cost of five years of private lessons.

Not even close to $5,000—the cost of one year of private lessons. 

When you sign up for my Best Beginner Guitar Course today, you’ll get lifetime access to the whole program for only $497!

If you're thinking...

🤔 What if this course doesn't deliver? 

🫤 What if I don't end up using the program? 

🧐 What if I decide that it's not the right fit for me? 

🤨 What if I just don't like the way this Jared guy teaches? 

You have nothing worry about! Let me explain why. 

Making sure that this course is life-changing (and that it’s worth ten times the investment) is completely my responsibility. You shouldn’t have to worry about that at all. 

That’s why I have TWO of the best guarantees you’ll see on the internet:

Guarantee #1

90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

With my rock-solid, 90-day, hassle-free, super-chill, with-a-smile, no-questions-asked, 100%-money-back-guaranteed return policy, there's no harm in giving the course a try!

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all—you don’t even need to tell me why—just send me an email ([email protected]) within 90 days of signing up. I’ll give you every cent back, and I’ll thank you for giving the course a try.  

Guarantee #2

“Best Beginner Guitar Course” Guarantee

Here’s where I can address the tiny elephant in the room. 🐘

How can I possibly call my course the “Best Beginner Guitar Course?”

I know it's a matter of opinion, but if this program is not the best beginner guitar course you’ve ever taken, just email me, tell me what course is better and why, and I’ll give you 100% of your money back, AND you get to keep the course.

Why? Because if it’s not truly the best beginner course in your opinion, then I want to know what will make it be that. 

And if you’re not happy, then I’m not happy. 

My Promise

I’ve been teaching for a LONG time, and I’ve been making courses and video lessons for a good chunk of that time too now.

I wouldn't be able to stay in business offering these types of guarantees if my courses didn’t deliver. 

This is to show you that there’s absolutely nothing to lose (there are only benefits to gain, and at no risk to you) if you join Best Beginner Guitar Course today. 

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

Worst case, you get all your money back along with a thank you message from me for trying the course.

BEST case, you change your life forever by finally taking the steps towards being the musician you've always wanted to be. 

You Won’t Know Until You’ve Experienced It

So don’t worry about deciding now. How can you possibly make a truly informed choice when you’re not able to see how amazing the course is on the inside?

If you’re even slightly interested or curious, then join now and decide once you’re in the program whether or not you want to keep it. 



90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 day return policies are everywhere, and 60 day guarantee's are common as well, but you have a full 90 DAYS to try this course out and decide if it's right for you. That's how confident I am about the program. 

That's right, signing up for Best Beginner Guitar Course is totally risk free! 

I'm confident that this course will provide immense value for your guitar playing and musicianship. However, if you decide after enrolling that it’s not the right fit for you, for any reason, just contact me within the first 90 days after the course has been completely delivered, and I'll give you a full refund with no hassle whatsoever :)

Even if you decide that you want your money back simply because you don't like the sound of my voice, that's no problem! Just email me within 90 days ([email protected]) and I'll gladly return every penny. 

Yep, there's no risk on your shoulders at all.

Worst case you get a full refund, best case BBGC becomes the smartest investment of your guitar playing life-time.

But wait... there's more! 

On top of the Best Beginner Guitar Course and everything that it promises, I’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that I solve all of the challenges that hundreds of beginner guitarists have told me that they’re struggling with.

When you sign up for Best Beginner Guitar Course today, I’m also throwing in...

✅ Life-time Community Membership (Worth over $1,020)

Lifetime Access to my online, guitar student community membership called Sound Guitar Community.

Inside the community you can interact with other students, ask questions, get feedback, help others, share video or audio, jump on video calls with other members, and much more!

You’ll have students and friends you can lean on so you don’t feel isolated in your guitar learning journey, so you have connection and people to share your wins with.

This community costs $17/month for non-course members, but you get access to it for FREE when you sign up for the Best Beginner Guitar Course.

If you take advantage of using the community for five years (which you probably will because it’s going to be that helpful), that’s $1,020 worth of value you get out of it for FREE.


✅ Access to 12 Q&A Video Call Recordings ($150 value)
(one Q&A call for each section of the course)

When I first launched Best Beginner Guitar Course, I hosted twelve live Q&A video calls (one for each section of the course). 

You get permanent access to these recordings. 

I'm in my element when interacting with students and answering questions in real time.

These recorded sessions answer common questions and offer a refreshing learning experience compared to the pre-recorded videos. 

What's in store for your future? 

As you can see, I’m pitching an approach here that is not an overnight, instant solution. 

If that were possible, I’d figure it out and I’d help you with it. 

Yes, I’m prioritizing enjoyment in my teaching methodology.

Yes, I’m creating the most organized, step-by-step, and straightforward path I can possibly make. 

Yes, I’ll show you how to integrate practicing guitar into your busy schedule (you can practice even just a few times a week for 20 minutes at a time and still make progress so long as it’s very consistent).

But, despite what ads for other courses will tell you, you can’t get good at music instantly, and you don’t get good at music by only doing what’s easy. 

And frankly, we shouldn’t want either of those things…. Because they don’t lead to the real end-results that we all crave: self-expression, creativity, sharing our passion with others, the joy of learning and skill-building, experiencing flow states, feeling accomplished, feeling satisfaction and fulfillment, and simply the nourishing effects of having music in our lives (which has been shown to relieve stress and improve cognitive function). 

Has anything instant and easy ever led to those outcomes?

I don't think so. 

But, as we all know, that's how it is with every truly worth-while endeavor.

Since the truth is that it’s not quick and easy, you might wonder, “how long will it take to experience those benefits?”

In Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, she shares a common question that her students ask, followed by her answer.

QUESTION: “But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano / act / paint / write a decent play?” 

ANSWER: “Yes . . . the same age you will be if you don't.”

There are two future versions of yourself: One that takes the steps to learn and play guitar and gain the musical foundation that you’ve always wanted, and one that does the same thing you’ve been doing, whether that’s not starting or spinning your wheels. 

Imagine yourself years from now, after you’ve gone through the structured curriculum of this course, and have used all the extra resources to finally learn guitar. 

At that time, you’ll still have access to my guitar community. 

But instead of asking questions and struggling to learn from others, you’ll be the one answering questions, helping others, and sharing about how you learned to figure out songs from scratch, improvise, read sheet music, and understand theory, all from taking the course that boasted itself as the “Best Beginner Guitar Course”. 

On the other hand, without a trusted method to follow, five years from now you could find yourself still working on random lessons here and there, trying to practice one thing after another, and not seeing it add up to to that complete feeling of being a true musician that you’ve always wanted. 

Or maybe, even after all that time, you haven’t even started yet, and you’re still hoping to someday learn guitar.

I’m doing everything I can to help you make the choice towards the first scenario.

Here's what you get when you sign up for Best Beginner Guitar Course today...

Included in Best Beginner Guitar Course

Enrollment is currently closed

  • Crystal clear practice assignment checklists
  • Lifetime access
  • Leave questions under any video and get answers directly from me (Jared)
  • Free life-time access to all future updates, add-ons, and improvements to the program.
  • Mobile access
  • A crystal clear path on exactly what to learn and what to practice in what order—no more overwhelm from too many lessons and directions!
  • Easy login streaming access—the course interface tracks your progress so you can start right where you left off anytime
  • A tangible piece of music you can play at the end of each module. 
  • Interactive quizzes to make sure you’re absorbing the information in the course.
  • Recommendations on exactly what guitar and accessories to get if you don’t have all the equipment.
  • Complete, print-friendly method book of all the material and exercises from the course.

  • The full Best Beginner Guitar Course curriculum (12 learning categories in 12 weeks):
    1. Fretboard Fundamentals (The logic of the fretboard)
    2. Proper Guitar Technique & Ergonomics
    3. Playing Single Notes & Melodies
    4. Playing Chords & Harmony (supporting melodies)
    5. String Articulation: Strumming & Plucking
    6. Time, Feel, Groove, Rhythm, & Metronomes
    7. Reading Guitar Music, TABS, & Diagrams
    8. Music Theory Essentials
    9. Ear Training Essentials
    10. Songwriting & Composing
    11. Improvisation & Jamming
    12. Performance-worthy Pieces: Songs, Licks, & Riffs in Various Styles


  • BONUS: Lifetime Sound Guitar Community membership (over $1020 value)
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to 12 Weekly, live Q&A Video Call Recordings ($150 value)
  • BONUS: Huge Collection of 100 Famous Melodies ($50)


Enrollment is currently closed

Frequently Asked Questions

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions. No hassle. Join now and try it out with zero risk. 

Have we met yet? Hi! I'm Jared :)

I'm a guitarist from Seattle who has been teaching and playing professionally for twenty years.

I have a degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Washington School of Music where I also extensively studied classical guitar performance, music theory, and composition.

I post weekly lesson videos on my YouTube channel called Sound Guitar Lessons and I love playing jazz guitar, practicing classical guitar repertoire, and writing songs.

Also, I ride the unicycle and I'm disappointed that there isn't a unicycle emoji. 🛞