Unlock Amazing Phrasing - You’re already a master, just do this

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Phrasing is one of the most important aspects of improvising or composing melodies, and you're already a master at it! Unlock your natural phrasing ability with this.
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Phrasing Mastery Video Outline

0:00 - Intro
0:37 - Musical phrasing explained
1:35 - The phrasing ability we already have
2:26 - Translating spoken phrases to music
4:33 - Two ingredients in phrasing
5:00 - Supplementary material (free download)
5:21 - Outro


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Phrasing Mastery Video Description

Phrasing in music matters more than playing the "right" notes.

Phrasing is about the rhythmic structure and blank space used in music.

It's what makes something sound catchy, memorable, melodic, and musical.

If you've tried to solo with the "right" notes but it comes out just sounding like a scale then you know what I mean.

And guess what? You're already a master at phrasing.

In this short lesson I explain how we can access our natural ability to execute tasteful phrasing when playing music.

Music is a form of communication, so why not borrow from the form of communication that we are already experts at?

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have a great rest of your week and that you get some fun guitar time in :)

- Jared


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