Sus Guitar Chords beginner guitar chords classical guitar fingerstyle guitar how to learn guitar chords series music theory Jan 20, 2021

This lesson is about sus guitar chords and sus chords in general. Learn the theory and history of suspended chords and how to play sus chords on guitar.

Weekly Lesson #58

*** Free chord chart for practicing sus chord guitar shapes:

Lesson Description

If you've looked up...

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Golden Practice Advice + Happy Birthday Guitar Arrangement classical guitar fingerstyle guitar mindset practice strategy Dec 15, 2020

Don’t miss this golden practice advice about deliberate practice and consistency. Also, get my FREE Happy Birthday Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement: FREE PDF

Sound Guitar Lessons turns 1 this week!

Exactly one year ago this week I posted my first lesson video.

To celebrate I decided to take...

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Bossa Nova Guitar Rhythm Pattern bossa nova fingerstyle fingerstyle guitar metronome nylong string guitar rhythm guitar time Sep 22, 2020

A thorough tutorial on how to play the standard Bossa Nova guitar rhythm pattern.

A thorough tutorial on how to play the standard Bossa Nova guitar rhythm pattern.
FREE pdf download: Play Any Jazz or Bossa Chord with Just 8 Shapes:

Content Outline with Timestamp Links:

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The Secret to Solo Guitar Playing (and making it sound smooth) classical guitar fingerstyle guitar solo guitar technique Jan 28, 2020

Playing "solo guitar” means that we’re playing multiple parts at once: melody, harmony, and bass. 
Sometimes even multiple melodies at once. 
But when we try to play solo guitar using old habits left over from strumming chords, it ends up sounding stiff and...
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