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It's about the unconventional technique secrets that will help you sound great in any style.

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Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar

Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar teaches the fundamentals of solo guitar fingerpicking by methodically walking through a series of unique technique and improvisation exercises that virtually guarantee the development of a clean, precise, and creative fingerpicking sound.

What you'll get:

  • Instant access
  • Lifetime access
  • Crystal clear exercise assignments
  • Full video course with exercise explanations, demonstrations, and easy-to-follow diagrams
  • Supplementary exercise e-book PDF
  • Ask questions inside the course and get direct answers from me (Jared)
  • Free access to all future add-ons and updates to the course
  • Access to three live masterclass recordings on creating your own solo guitar arrangements from simple, well-known melodies
  • PDF sheet music downloads of the melodies used in the masterclass sessions
  • Access to my 3-part fingerpicking mastery workshop series

What you'll learn:

  • The essential right hand techniques for a more secure, consistent, controlled, and expressive sound
  • Four of the most popular fingerpicking guitar patterns
  • A little known secret for how to transition between chords to make them clean and relaxed
  • How to play multiple parts at once on the guitar
  • How to practice fingerpicking patterns to hear the bass and melody as separate parts
  • How to play alternating bass lines while playing chords
  • How to think of chords in a unique way
  • How to improvise melodies while playing chords with fingerpicking patterns
  • How to improvise melodies while maintaining a constant bass line
  • A fancy chord progression that uses secondary dominant chords (and sounds awesome)
  • How to palm mute bass lines in a fingerpicking pattern
  • How to turn any song or melody into a solo fingerstyle guitar arrangement
  • And more!

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What People Are Saying:

This has been a game-changing course on the theory and practice of fingerpicking. Clear progression and very well explained. Excellent Jared!

- Graeme Rawlings

I have been working on fingerpicking since 1997 and was still looking for an answer on how to put it all together — until I found this course. It's just a great program! Jared has answered all the questions that I’ve been asking since I started.

- John B.