Guitar Scale Theory (chords series, Ep. 2)

beginning guitarist chord theory series: how to learn guitar chords - beginner to advanced chords music theory scales Oct 27, 2020

In this 2nd episode of "How to Learn Guitar Chords" we work on guitar scale theory as the source of chords

About This Lesson

Playing guitar becomes so much more fun, rewarding, and expressive when we understand what's going on in the music that we're playing.

This second episode of my lesson series called "How to Learn Guitar Chords" introduces the fundamentals of guitar scale theory as the foundation for being able to analyze, manipulate, and construct any chords on the guitar.

If we learn just two simple concepts then we can play scales all over the guitar while tracking the music theory—and that's what will allow us to master an understanding of chords.

Those two concepts, as well as an exercise for how to apply them right away, are covered in the lesson.

Don't miss this fun and simple step because we'll be using this information throughout the rest of the series.

Lesson content outline with YouTube timestamp links:

0:00 - Improvised Music Intro
0:10 - About Lesson and Series
0:38 - Chords Come from Scales
1:54 - The Two Things to Know
3:33 - The Structure of the Major Scale
4:48 - Whole Step and Half Step Shapes
7:12 - Practice Homework Exercise
10:16 - Free Advanced Chords Chart
11:19 - Next Lesson Topic / Outro

How to learn guitar chords lesson series outline

Series playlist on YouTube

• Ep. 1: Basic Guitar Chords (for beginners and beyond)
• Ep. 2: The Source of Chords (scale theory)
• Ep. 3: Labeling Chord Notes (chord tones)
• Ep. 4: Chords in a Key (chord numbers)
• Ep. 5: Finding Other Chord Tones (chord scales)
• Ep. 6: Adding the 7 (seventh chords)
• Ep. 7: More Chord Tone Options (extended chords)
• Ep. 8: Inverted Guitar Chords
• Ep. 9: Simple Jazz Chords
• Ep. 10: Advanced Jazz Chords

Why Learn Guitar Scale Theory?

Guitar scale theory is crucial if you want to know how to learn guitar chords deeply and thoroughly.

Guitar theory (and ALL music theory) begins with scale theory—specifically the major scale.

The major scale theory guitar exercise in this lesson is so useful and so amazing for how to learn guitar and how to play guitar in any genre that it shouldn't be overlooked.

Knowing how to play the major scale all over the guitar based on the music theory number labels is what I call the "Major Scale Guitar Map".

Other types of scales and any types of chord are practically just one step away once we know it. I hope you enjoy the exercise and I'll see you in the next lesson!

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