Top Notch Technique

Everything you need to skyrocket your technical abilities on the guitar and maintain your chops overtime. No more searching for and piecing together a hodgepodge of technical drills.

Nail the Changes

A comprehensive, straightforward, and step-by-step program on how to accurately improvise over any jazz chord progression, target chord tones perfectly, and unlock beautiful melodies with voice leading on the fly.

Chords on Command

A complete program for learning how to analyze or create any possible chord on the guitar, from scratch, anywhere on the fretboard.

Jazz Comping Mastery

A proven method for mastering the most essential 7th chord inversions all over the fretboard, using those shapes as advanced chord types, and connecting them with voice leading.

Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn the fundamentals of solo guitar fingerpicking by methodically walking through a series of unique technique and improvisation exercises that virtually guarantee the development of a clean, precise, and creative fingerpicking sound.