Classical Guitar without NAILS??? - Part 2: The Trade Offs

classical guitar classical guitar without nails (4-part mini-series) free download: chords with color solo guitar / fingerstyle technique Nov 30, 2021

Classical guitar without nails??? Is that allowed? Playing classical guitar without nails used to be common. In this video I talk about why I switched to playing classical guitar without nails & why people hate it.  

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Weekly Lesson #103


Classical Guitar without NAILS - Part 2 Lesson Content Outline with Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Guitar playing intro
0:10 - About the lesson
1:36 - About the channel
1:59 - Why I switched to playing with playing with fingertips – a personal story
6:50 - Dealing with the differences on styles, techniques, and genres
10:50 - The exclusionary nature of classical guitar culture & what I think about it
13:33 - On Andres Segovia
16:52 - What to expect in the next video of the series
17:11 - Free PDF
17:57 - Outro


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Classical Guitar without NAILS - Part 2 Lesson Description:

Are you interested in more than one sound or style on the guitar? 

Me too. 

Are you interested in pursuing whatever helps you gain creative control over the instrument so you can better express yourself in the moment? 

Me too. 

As someone who has played classical guitar professionally for many years, but also answers yes to both of those questions, I have two observations:

  1. Studying classical guitar helps immensely with any and all other styles of guitar playing and music goals. 
  2. The culture around classical guitar can be quite exclusionary, with little tolerance for doing things differently or studying other styles, leaving hardly any room for individuality. 

I really don't like talking about myself in my videos—I want the lessons to be about you.

But in this 2nd video of my series on playing classical guitar without nails I talk about my multiple musical interests in order to explain why I switched from playing with nails for nearly two decades to now playing classical guitar without nails, and with my fingertips instead. 

I also explore why some classical guitarists today find it completely unacceptable to play without nails, and we'll dig into some guitar history to try and figure that out. 

It gets a little vulnerable because I can't help but to try and acknowledge the deeper reasons for why any of us are compelled to play any kind of music in the first place. 

I hope you find it helpful, interesting, and inspiring :)


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I hope you enjoyed this lesson about playing classical guitar without nails and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared


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