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beginning guitarist chord theory series: how to learn guitar chords - beginner to advanced chords free download: chords with color fretboard mapping music theory rhythm guitar songwriting / composing Jul 27, 2021

I made a guitar chord chart PDF that is unlike any others that I’ve seen, which is why I made it. This video is a walkthrough for how to best use this free guitar chord chart called “Chords with Color”.

➡ Get my FREE, amazing guitar chord chart pdf called ‘Chords with Color’

Weekly Lesson #85


Guitar Chord Chart Lesson Content Outline with Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Guitar playing intro
0:03 - About the lesson & channel
3:24 - Introduction to the guitar chord chart PDF
3:30 - Finding chords that sound good together
13:35 - Studying chord tone theory
23:59 - Finding alternative chord options
30:09 - Bonus page: Common Chord Progressions
32:35 - Conclusion, Free PDF, outro


Links & Lessons Mentioned In This Video:


Guitar Chord Chart Lesson Description:

This week's lesson is about how to best use a free, unique guitar chord chart pdf that I made called "Chords with Color". 

I made this chord chart for students who are interested in theory, or songwriting, or being able to play songs in multiple keys, or putting their own spin on cover songs. 

And I especially made this free chord chart pdf for finding fresh sounding, colorful chord types that are interchangeable with common every-day chords.

As far as I know there isn't any other guitar chord chart like this out there, which is why I made it, and I really think it's valuable.

In this video I go over four different ways that you can use it. 


Guitar Chord Chart PDF Example Page: 

➡ Get the full guitar chord chart pdf booklet HERE

➡ Get the full guitar chord chart pdf booklet HERE


I hope you enjoyed this lesson about my free guitar chord chart PDF and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared


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