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beginning guitarist online courses technique Jan 31, 2023

In this video I share some info from the "guitar ergonomics" section of my course called Top Notch Technique.
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⏱ Video Content Outline

0:00 - About this video & my course called Top Notch Technique
2:22 - What's the right way to hold the guitar?
7:14 - Guitar angles & positions
12:27 - Body angles & positions
21:31 - Tension awareness reminder
23:55 - Top Notch Technique course sneak peek
25:34 - More about Top Notch Technique & outro

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🎸 Learn more about my course, Top Notch Technique

💬 Lesson Description

Since this week is the debut launch of my new course called Top Notch Technique, for today's lesson I decided to share a presentation from the course.

I haven't filmed this course yet (becuase I'm filming it live next week!), but I wanted to show some of it to you anyway.

In this video I teach through a slide presentation that's inside the ergonomics module of Top Notch Technique called "What's The 'RIGHT' Way to Hold a Guitar? (Your playing position options for longevity)"

In the lesson I go over what the ideal guitar sitting positions are, what angle to hold the guitar, what wrist position is optimal, how to hold a pick, how to manage tension, and much more.

My answer to these things might be a little different than you'd expect.

I also share a sneak peek example of some of the exercises and sheet music from the course at the end of the video :)

Keep in mind, this is just one lesson from the ten-module course, with each module having multiple lessons in it.

And no worries if you're not interested in the course, I hope you find this week's YouTube lesson about guitar techniques beneficial anyway :)

Thanks! :)

- Jared

🎸 Learn more about my course, Top Notch Technique


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