How to Tune a Guitar by Ear (7 steps that work better than a tuner)

Feb 25, 2020

Do you wish you could tune your guitar quickly by ear, get it more in tune than a tuner does, and improve your musical ear all at once?

In this video I explain and demonstrate seven ways to tune a guitar by ear without a tuner. These seven approaches combined are guaranteed to get your guitar super duper in tune—even better than using a tuner!

In addition, working on how to tune by ear is amazing practice in and of itself. It enhances our overall sense of pitch and deep listening skills.

Is there a way you tune by ear that I didn't cover here? Let me know, and happy practicing!

Content Outline with Links:
0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Guitars can never be perfectly in tune.
1:31 - First tune your open 'A' string (the fifth string) by using a reference note, tuning fork, or tuner.
5:14 - TUNING METHOD #1: 5th Fret Method (most common way)
9:45 - TUNING METHOD #2: Check Every Open String Against the 'A' String
12:34 - TUNING METHOD #3: Tuning with Harmonics
17:14 - TUNING METHOD #4: Right Hand Open String Tuning Method
22:30 - TUNING METHOD #5: Tuning with Octaves in First Position
25:18 - TUNING METHOD #6: Tuning with 5ths in First Position
28:27 - TUNING METHOD #7: Tuning with Power Chords in First Position

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