Connecting Scales for Improvising on Guitar / Soloing

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Guitar soloing & Improvising on guitar in general is tricky business. We often find ourselves “stuck” in scale positions one at a time. This lesson is about connecting scales when improvising on guitar.

➡ FREE PDF: Top 3 Pentatonic Scale Patterns for more melodic soloing

Weekly Lesson #84


Improvising on Guitar Lesson Content Outline With Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Guitar playing
0:06 - About this lesson & channel
1:16 - Five Scale Forms of A Minor Pentatonic
2:44 - Switching positions
3:36 - Tip #1: Know where the roots are
4:50 - Every root as part of two scale forms
8:36 - Improvisation while connecting scale forms
11:26 - Tip #2: Identify and know the problem
11:51 - Tip #3: Switch up the order of the notes
12:39 - Conclusion, outro & Free PDF


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Improvising on Guitar Lesson Description:

Okay, I'm not a fan of "hacks" when it comes to guitar soloing. 

But I do want to show you a little perspective trick for how to connect scales when improvising on guitar. 

I recently created several lessons on how to map out and practice various types of scales.

But once we learn our scale positions we often find ourselves "stuck" in those shapes when improvising on guitar. 

There's a way to get past that, seamlessly connecting scales, when working on guitar soloing.

Which is exactly what I teach and demonstrate in this week's lesson video. 


The A Minor Pentatonic Scale Positions


➡ FREE PDF: Top 3 Pentatonic Scale Patterns for more melodic soloing


I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared


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