Master jazz comping voicings with this approach

Apr 12, 2022

Here’s a great approach for working on jazz comping & jazz guitar chord inversions. ➡ Get my FREE Method Booklet - Play any jazz chord with just 8 shapes

Video # 122: Master jazz comping voicings with this approach


Jazz Comping Lesson Content Outline With Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Guitar playing into
0:10 - About the lesson // Jazz comping
1:23 - Dominant 7 on jazz comping
2:34 - Hub latching approach
4:34 - Latching path off the 5th string
8:37 - Latching path off the 6th string
11:15 - Replacing the root with the 9 // Jazz chord inversions
12:47 - Comping with the chords discussed
13:55 - More notes on Jazz comping and chord inversions
15:01 - Free PDF & Outro


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Jazz Comping Lesson Description:

I know things are scary in the world right now in a number of ways.

On the Titanic I would have been in the orchestra continuing to play as it went down.

So no matter what's going on—so long as I am able—I'll keep the lessons coming.

I genuinely believe that turning towards art creates peace in the world.

That being said, here's my free weekly lesson for you.

It's on how to master jazz comping using many inversions of the same chord so we can play more interactively and melodically while comping in jazz on the guitar.

To "comp" in jazz means to "accompany" someone else, but it can also just mean playing the chords of a tune.


➡ Get my FREE Method Booklet - Play any jazz chord with just 8 shapes


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I hope you enjoyed this lesson about jazz comping and jazz guitar chord inversions and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Leaving a comment helps the channel a ton—plus I just love hearing from you! 


Thanks! :) 

- Jared



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