Neo Soul Guitar Chords - SEVEN shapes for ONE chord!

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In this lesson you’ll learn 7 different guitar chord shapes to get a neo soul guitar sound. Neo soul guitar chords are just jazz chords, but played with a slight flavor twist. Check it out!

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Video # 117: Neo Soul Guitar Chords - 7 shapes for ONE chord!


Neo Soul Guitar Chords Lesson Content Outline With Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Guitar playing intro
0:05 - About the lesson
1:02 - About the sound of the guitar chords / Ebmaj7
3:11 - Teaching the 7 voicings
3:41 - Ebmaj7/Bb
3:56 - Ebmaj6/Bb
5:11 - Eb69
7:56 - Ebmaj6
8:05 - Ebmaj7
8:21 - Theory of Neo-soul Guitar Style + Jamming around the voicings
12:15 - Free Chord Chart & Outro


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Neo Soul Guitar Chords Lesson Description:

In today's video I demonstrate how to get a Neo Soul guitar style sound on the guitar by playing with SEVEN different voicings of ONE chord.

This neo soul guitar sound originally comes from jazz guitar, especially chord melody technique, and it's now being used in a bunch of modern music styles including lo-fi hip hop and of course neo soul.

As usual I have super clear diagrams and graphics of all of these neo soul guitar chords included so you can follow along easily and try this out for yourself.


Neo Soul Guitar Chords Used In This Lesson


➡ Get my FREE, amazing chord options chart called ‘Chords with Color’


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I hope you enjoyed this lesson about neo soul guitar chords and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared


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