How to Master Guitar Scales (5 levels)

free download: top 3 pentatonic patterns improvisation jared's top picks music theory scales Feb 11, 2020

There’s a reason scale diagrams are so popular: because it’s relatively straightforward to sound good improvising within a scale while looking at a diagram.
But to get to the next level of music knowledge on the fretboard we need to learn how to rapidly switch between scales, see all the connections between various keys, and do it without any delay. 
We need to practice improvising, in time, through every key while staying in the same position. 
There’s a HUGE freedom that comes from knowing scales this well—It speeds up every other musical task you can think of. 
In this video lesson I teach a method for exactly how to acquire this skill. 
I demonstrate what to practice at five different difficulty levels, from beginner to mastery, so no matter what level your playing is at you can get what you need to work towards mastering your major scales on the guitar. 
Which of the five levels are you on right now? 

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