Guitar Chord Practice Pitfalls (chords series, Ep. 5)

beginning guitarist chord theory series: how to learn guitar chords - beginner to advanced chords technique Nov 17, 2020

Watch out for these pitfalls in your guitar chord practice! Exercise at the end of the vid for changing chords on guitar. This is Ep.5 of my free series on how to learn guitar chords. Practice away and enjoy! :)

“Theory is great, but what about execution and mastery?”

That’s a comment I got in response to the theory lessons I’ve been creating for this series on how to learn guitar chords from the ground up.

It’s a good question!

The theory can be interesting but if we don’t know how to play and how to practice guitar chords then it’s hard to see the point.

In this lesson I focus solely on the main challenges related to the technique of guitar chord practice.

Exercise your ability to notice these pitfalls and you’ll be ahead of the game!

I use chord progressions from popular songs to illustrate changing chords on guitar, muting unwanted strings, playing more dynamically, and more!

Lesson Content Outline

0:00 - Lesson Intro
0:26 - About this lesson
2:21 - Pitfall #1: Delaying changing chords
3:42 - Example: Just Like Heaven by The Cure
5:14 - Example: Space Oddity by David Bowie
6:03 - Pitfall #2: Not muting open strings
7:48 - Pitfall #3: The Grip of Death!
10:38 - Pitfall #4: Fretting notes you don’t need
12:16 - Example: Shallow by Lady Gaga
12:59 - Pitfall #5: Not being dynamic
15:13 - Example: Heart of Gold by Neil Young
15:31 - Summary - Which one do you do?
16:13 - Best guitar chords practice exercise
17:27 - Outro

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