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This is a rootless voicings guitar lesson - a comprehensive guide to rootless chords for guitar players.

Weekly Lesson #67

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Lesson Description

This week's lesson is a comprehensive rootless voicings guitar tutorial, all about rootless chords for guitar players. Rootless voicings are super fun and understanding them can majorly broaden how we view the fretboard. Several application examples and plenty of easy-to-follow diagrams are included so you can clearly see and hear what's going on. I talk about rootless jazz chords as well as how rootless chord voicings can be used in the context of songwriting in more of a pop style. In one example you'll see how one single chord shape can be used as FIVE different chords. I hope you enjoy and have a lovely week full of creativity. 


Video Lesson Content Outline with Links:

0:00​ - About this lesson 
1:25​ - About me and this chord theory series 
1:51​ - Rootless voicings definition
3:30​ - Triads as rootless voicings of 7th chords
6:13​ - 7th chords as rootless voicings of 9 chords
8:49​ - Making rootless chords by replacing the root
10:06​ - Rootless chords without the root or the 5th  
11:46​ - Rootless voicings from half diminished
14:09​ - Music example #1: rootless jazz chords
16:27​ - Music example #2: songwriting context
18:56​ - Do you use any rootless voicings?
19:08​ - Watch out for ambiguous chords
20:56​ - Free chord chart:
21:33​ - Outro


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Final Thoughts

Rootless voicings and rootless chords will come in very handy if you’re playing with a bass player, but knowledge of them also just simply helps us see how much chords overlap with each other, which is helpful for mastering the fretboard. 


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I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought. 

Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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