Quartal Harmony - all about quartal chords

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A comprehensive guide to quartal harmony and quartal chords for guitar including harmonizing the pentatonic scale with quartal chords. These are stacked 4ths guitar chords and they’re so cool!

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Weekly Lesson #69

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Lesson Content Outline with Timestamp Links:

0:00 - About this lesson, channel, & series
1:30 - Defining quartal harmony & quartal chords
2:10 - Example of tertiary chords vs quartal chords
3:18 - Why quartal harmony works with modal harmony
4:52 - The origin of quartal harmony
5:23 - Example of quartal harmony on Miles Davis’ So What
6:54 - How to use quartal chords along strings 2, 3, and 4
8:03 - Chord symbol for modal and quartal harmony?
8:59 - Using quartal harmony in context of functional harmony
12:16 - One quartal chord shape used over 8 chords!
14:02 - Quartal chord inversions through pentatonic scales
16:15 - Free PDF for melodic soloing: https://bit.ly/3lIQujx​ 16:45 - Outro


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Lesson Description:

This week's lesson is a comprehensive guide to quartal harmony and quartal chords on the guitar. Quartal harmony is one of my favorite sounds and this is my favorite lesson I've made so far—I'm really proud of it! I explain what quartal harmony is, how to use quartal voicings in the context of modal harmony, how to use them over normal chords, how Miles Davis used modal harmony and quartal harmony, and more! My favorite part is at the end when I show how to harmonize the minor pentatonic scale with quartal chord shape inversions. They sound completely unique and amazing! As usual there are plenty of examples, practice suggestions, and clear diagrams so you can hear and see what's going on, and so you can practice the awesome sound of quartal harmony for yourself. :) 

Quartal harmony can either sound really weird and off putting, or completely refreshing. Personally I find it to perfectly hit the spot after a stretch of playing or listening to mainstream music or music that uses functional harmony. What I love about quartal harmony and quartal chords is how they can actually be used in the context of normal songs and not only in the context of modal harmony or modal jazz. 


➡ FREE PDF: Top 3 Pentatonic Scale Patterns for more melodic soloing ➡ https://bit.ly/3lIQujx​


I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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