Chord Melodies - How to play chords and melody together

chord melodies chord theory series: how to learn guitar chords - beginner to advanced chords classical guitar fretboard mapping jazz guitar jazz standards music theory solo guitar / fingerstyle song learning Apr 13, 2021

This is a thorough introductory lesson on chord melodies—playing chords and melody together. Learn the 3 steps to making any chord melody.

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Weekly Lesson #70


0:00 - Let it Be chord melody example
0:15 - About this lesson and channel
0:39 - Definition of chord melodies
1:00 - Chord melody vs solo guitar
2:12 - The 3 steps to making chord melodies
4:45 - Making a chord melody in 3 steps on Happy Birthday
10:11 - Happy Birthday chord melody end result example
11:40 - Let it Be as a non-jazz chord melody example
12:17 - Making a chord melody in 3 steps on Blue Bossa
18:28 - Blue Bossa chord melody end result example
18:58 - Closing thoughts on chord melodies

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This week's lesson is a thorough introduction on how to arrange chord melodies on the guitar using a three step process. Chord melody is one of the coolest yet most elusive guitar techniques out there. To pull it off we have to harmonize nearly every note of a melody with a supporting chord shape. I've broken the process down into three steps, and it works on jazz, folk, or pop songs alike. I walk through those three steps using the Happy Birthday melody, and then again using the jazz standard Blue Bossa. Everything is written out with notation and TABS so you can follow along and try it for yourself. Once you can arrange chord melodies for yourself it will feel like a super power :) I hope you enjoy!

I hope this chord melody guitar lesson helps to demystify what it takes to make chord melodies from scratch. Obviously knowing inversion shapes is a huge help in working out chord melodies on the fretboard, so I may be doing some videos in the future specifically on mapping out inversions all over the guitar. Let me know if there are any chord melodies that you’re working on after watching this video. :)

➡ Get my FREE chord melody arrangement of Fly Me to the Moon (sheet music & TAB) ➡​

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :)
- Jared

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