Major Scale Guitar Patterns - How to REALLY know them

beginning guitarist fretboard mapping lead guitar scale types in 5 positions (root to root) scales technique Apr 20, 2021

Major scale guitar patterns allow us to see notes within a major scale grouped together in positions on the guitar. Definitely learn these 5 patterns but practice them this way to see all the scale roots.

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Weekly Lesson #71




0:00 - Major scale example intro
0:10 - About this lesson & channel
1:38 - Diagrams of the 5 major scale guitar patterns
2:14 - Labeling the 5 scale patterns
3:10 - Why we need to target the scale root
4:58 - The Root to Root Method Rules
5:43 - Demonstration of all five major scale guitar patterns
6:52 - Next steps to master the scale patterns
7:22 - Example of melodic 3rds scale pattern
8:51 - Technique reminders for scale practice
9:25 - Conclusion, outro, & Free PDF




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How well do you know the five major scale guitar patterns? Do you know them equally well or do you jump to some scale patterns more than others? Most importantly, can you clearly see where all the roots are within each of the guitar patterns? Knowing where the roots are within major scale forms is everything. Seeing the roots clearly allows us to actually treat a major scale pattern as minor (or another mode), and helps us to track where we are in a key. Needless to say this is invaluable for improvising, composing, and learning new music faster. I have a super simple and effective way to practice all five major scale patterns on the guitar to get them down once and for all by targeting the roots in a specific way. And that’s what this lesson is all about. 

This is the first lesson in a new series for how to map out and finally learn all five guitar scale patterns of various scale types. I know that some people have been playing guitar for a long time and still don’t have these five major scale guitar patterns totally down, or they know them but don’t see where the roots are clearly enough to take advantage of using them to their full potential. Stay tuned for more scale types coming up and use the link at the top of the description to go to playlist that includes all of these scale shape lessons. 


The Five Major Scale Guitar Patterns From This Lesson

➡ FREE PDF: Top 3 Pentatonic Scale Patterns for more melodic soloing ➡

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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