Make Miles Davis Proud (Playing scales over 'So What')

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Playing Scales Over "So What" Video Outline

0:00 - Intro / Nail the Changes / context
1:42 - Playing approach & description
5:17 - Demonstration with consistent rhythms
6:30 - Demonstration with musical phrasing
7:16 - Recap / future possibilities
9:03 - Demonstration with the full progression
9:56 - The power of melodic patterns & practice principles
11:39 - Outro / Nail the Changes / course videos playlist


Playing Scales Over "So What" Video Description

In this lesson from my course, Nail the Changes, I explore different ways of playing the Dorian scale on the classic jazz standard "So What."

This clip is from a mini-series within the course called "Try This," where I give you ideas and concrete suggestions to try techniques and concepts from the course in real music.

This particular song is easy to dive into, regardless of your skill level, because the harmony stays the same for long periods of time.

Beginners can practice internalizing their scales, and intermediate or advanced players can practice phrasing and tasteful improvisation.

If you want a clear place to start jazz improvisation, or to hone skills you already have, this video is for you.


🎸 Check out my course, Nail the Changes


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