Play RANDOM notes for an advanced harmony sound

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Advanced Jazz Harmony Sound Lesson Outline

0:00 - Intro / Nail the Changes / context
1:58 - Exercise description
2:47 - Demonstrating chord tones then random notes
3:17 - Commentary
4:18 - Demonstrating chord tones & random notes together
4:52 - Commentary / pitfalls & uses for this technique
6:39 - Outro / Nail the Changes / course videos playlist


Advanced Jazz Harmony Sound Lesson Description

In this video I share one of the lessons from my improvisation course, Nail the Changes.

This is one of my favorite advanced soloing exercises to work on.

Playing "out" means to play outside of the harmony, to not worry about hitting "right" notes; essentially it's playing atonally.

Playing "out" over chord changes, very briefly, then coming back to targeting the harmony can sounds very advanced, sophisticated, and hip.

It's also great conditioning for us to get a little less worried about playing "wrong" notes, which is an important strength to have as an improviser.

Choose one chord, improvise over it with chord tones only, then play random notes in that same position, then go back to targeting chord tones. It might just be the reset button that your soloing needed! Let me know how it goes if you give it a try.


🎸 Check out my course, Nail the Changes


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