How I Healed My Tendonitis From Guitar | 7 Bad Guitar Habits to Avoid

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In this video I share about my experience developing tendonitis from guitar and how I addressed my bad guitar habits to heal.
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Video Outline for This Lesson on Tendonitis From Guitar

0:00 - About this video on tendonitis from guitar
1:43 - Video outline
4:36 - Thing #1 - Playing for too long
5:13 - Thing #2 - String action
5:30 - Thing #3 - Warming up
5:52 - Thing #4 - Wrist position
6:37 - Thing #5 - Stretching / reaching
7:41 - Thing #6 - Squeezing too hard
8:19 - Thing #7 - Overall health
10:09 - Summary
10:29 - Arpeggio shapes pack (free download)
10:56 - Outro


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Lesson Description for This Bad Guitar Habits Video

I developed terrible tendonitis from guitar and injured my arm TWICE from playing with bad guitar habits.

Both times were devastating.

Both times I thought that I might have to quit playing guitar for good.

Instead of quitting I made it my mission to do everything I possibly could to heal, and to figure out how to prevent the problem from happening again.

In this eleven-minute video I share how I developed tendonitis from guitar, how I healed by addressing my bad guitar habits, and I how I'm preventing it from happening again.

This is not medical advice, just my story of what I learned and what I'm still doing today for guitar-playing longevity.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have a great rest of your week and that you get some fun guitar time in :)

- Jared


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