Welcome to Sound Guitar Lessons (A Grounded Approach to Learning Guitar)

Dec 17, 2019

Welcome to Sound Guitar Lessons.

This is the place to get solid musicianship training on the guitar.

I’m here to not only help you improve immensely as a guitarist, but to guide you in becoming a proficient and well-rounded musician.

My lessons cover a wide range of topics but they're often centered around the fundamentals.

I cover topics like music theory, ear training, overall technique, and how to practice more efficiently and smarter.

I cover jazz guitar topics like improvisation, jazz harmony, chord melodies, chord voicings, scales, arpeggios, and modal playing.

I cover finger-style guitar topics like classical guitar, fingerpicking, solo guitar technique, and arranging for solo guitar.

And I love to teach about creativity on the guitar like songwriting and composing, and taking advantage of our knowledge of music theory on the fretboard to write music.

I have new videos weekly and my mission is that this is a resource that is truly helpful for you.

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Looking forward to seeing you in a Sound Guitar Lesson real soon.

Thanks for watching :)

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