WHY IS THERE A SCRUNCHIE ON YOUR GUITAR? | Sympathetic vibration explained for guitarists

beginning guitarist free download: chords with color music theory Jul 26, 2022

I get asked this question all the time: "WHY IS THERE A SCRUNCHIE ON YOUR GUITAR?" Here's the answer :)

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Video Content Outline:

0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Demonstration of sympathetic vibration
1:33 - Sympathetic vibration explained
2:49 - Hz explained
3:56 - Example #1 - putting a tuning fork on a guitar
4:22 - Example #2 - funny mouth sounds
5:01 - Take advantage of this principle
6:10 - Example #3 - isolating strings
7:30 - Overtones and harmonics
8:10 - Example #4 - clean / dirty notes
9:43 - 'Chords with Color' chord chart (free download)


Lesson Description

If you've seen any of my lesson videos, you might have noticed something covering the strings above the nut of my guitar.

I'm constantly getting asked about it in the comments on YouTube.

So in this video I provide a thorough answer:

  • I play examples of what the scrunchie thing does for the sound
  • I talk about sympathetic vibration
  • And I even demonstrate a little guitar tapping technique at the end :)


Diagrams From This Lesson


Sympathetic Vibration Defined


Hz Explained


How You Hear Sound


Sympathetic Vibration with a Tuning Fork


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