Neo Soul Guitar Chords - SEVEN shapes for ONE chord! chord melody chords free download: chord chart jazz guitar music theory rhythm guitar Mar 08, 2022

In this lesson you’ll learn 7 different guitar chord shapes to get a neo soul guitar sound. Neo soul guitar chords are just jazz chords, but played with a slight flavor twist. Check it out!

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Video # 117: Neo...

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No Scrubs Chords - Guitar Tutorial (plus funny walking bass version) chord melody chords free download: any jazz chords jazz guitar jazz guitar walking bass with chords music theory rhythm guitar solo guitar-fingerstyle song learning songwriting / composing Sep 07, 2021

Want to learn the No Scrubs chords guitar part by TLC? Interested in walking bass lines on guitar? In this video I teach a unique arrangement of the No Scrubs chords on guitar with walking bass :) 

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Weekly Lesson #91


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Chord Melodies (chords and melody together) chord melody chords how to learn guitar chords series jazz guitar solo guitar Apr 13, 2021

This is a thorough introductory lesson on chord melodies—playing chords and melody together. Learn the 3 steps to making any chord melody.

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Weekly Lesson #70


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Playing through EVERY key | Guitar seventh chords exercise | chords series, Ep. 10 chord melody chords how to learn guitar chords series jazz guitar music theory technique Dec 29, 2020

Here's a great guitar seventh chords exercise. This is how to practice seventh chords through EVERY key on the guitar. 

Weekly Lesson #55

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Lesson Description

Last week I gave you an exercise for mastering...

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