There's no one right way to play - Rob MacKillop Interview

classical guitar classical guitar without nails (4-part mini-series) free pdf - solo gtr arr pack interviews on creativity and being an artist playing professionally practice strategy & outlook solo guitar / fingerstyle technique Jun 07, 2022

This interview with Rob MacKillop is the final video in my “classical guitar without nails” series.
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Get my FREE Solo Guitar Arrangement Pack (Sheet Music & TAB)
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Rob MacKillop on Finding Your Unique Voice (clip)


This week’s video is the final piece in my series on playing classical guitar without nails.

This is something I’ve never done before—a full interview with another guitarist/teacher on YouTube.

Rob MacKillop is a master guitarist and a grounded musical artist who believes that every musician should have their own individual sound, and even their own technique.

We talk about:

  • The importance of having an outlet for your music
  • How to balance many musical interests
  • The history of no-nail guitar playing
  • How to find your own unique voice in music
  • Embracing imperfection
  • And much more

I hope you find it inspiring.


I loved chatting with another teacher so much that I may do more of these as a podcast, in addition to my weekly video lessons (which I’ll never stop doing).
So if you enjoy this, and if you’d like to hear more interviews with other YouTube guitar teachers, let me know.

Get my FREE Solo Guitar Arrangement Pack (Sheet Music & TAB)

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Rob MacKillop and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments.
Thanks! :)
- Jared



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