How to Make Money Playing Guitar Gigs (10 Tips) free download: any jazz chords playing professionally Aug 29, 2023

In this video I share 10 tips for how to make money playing guitar when you get music gigs.
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0:00 - Guitar playing intro
0:38 - About this video
1:26 - My...

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Game changing guitar practice tips (selective attention psychology) free download: chords with color playing professionally practice strategy & outlook Oct 12, 2021

Some great guitar practice tips can come from the selective attention psychology study I talk about in this video. I try to get guitar practice tips from studies like this one on selective attention psychology. 

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When I played guitar for Macklemore | "Intentions" guitar tutorial chords free download: chords with color music theory playing professionally rhythm guitar song learning songwriting / composing Aug 03, 2021

A few years ago I wrote and recorded guitar parts in a songwriting session with Macklemore. Intentions is the name of the song that I played on. In this video I teach the guitar parts to it. 

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Weekly Lesson #86

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