Deliberate Practice Strategies That Could Change Your Life (+ Live Q&A) - My FIRST Livestream!

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Here are several deliberate practice strategies that could dramatically improve how you practice.
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โฑ Timestamps for this Deliberate Practice Strategies Video

0:00 - Intro & content outline
2:15 - Arpeggio Shapes Pack (free download)
3:36 - There is never one right way to practice
6:48 - What is "deliberate practice?" (four steps)
13:10 - Excerpts from "Grit" by Angela Duckworth
17:11 - Difficulty and mindset
20:20 - Why learning hard things is possible
24:40 - "No one can do anything that they haven't practiced"
27:35 - Practice design is essential for deliberate practice
29:16 - Focus on consistency over quality
30:18 - Play for fun and but take note of red flags
32:02 - The six month rule
33:35 - Organizing your practice time - the 50/50 rule
34:19 - Having an outlet for your practice
36:30 - The four phases of your practice
38:55 - Just by playing music, we've already succeeded
40:55 - Intermittent learning & reinforcement
43:52 - Quote from "Atomic Habits" by James Clear
44:42 - How I track my deliberate practice
46:50 - Viewer questions
47:35 - Q: Advice on integrating theory with learning songs?
52:16 - Q: Practice routine?
52:51 - Q: How do you keep sharp on more than one instrument at once?
56:30 - Q: An old teacher told that some are born with speed. How can you improve your finger speed?
1:00:46 - Q: What should the time frames for focused practice look like?
1:02:26 - Q: Do scales come from chords or do chords come from scales?
1:03:03 - Q: When I'm practicing a long jazz standard for chord tone improvisation, should I break it into sections to nail one at a time?
1:05:57 - Q: What's the difference between deliberate practice and "regular" practice?
1:08:22 - Q: How can I play any arpeggio starting anywhere on the fretboard without calculating?
1:10:23 - Q: How can I be my own teacher?
1:12:19 - Q: What should I learn first if I want to play Kenny Burrell?
1:13:38 - Q: How do I avoid sounding "pentatonic boxy?"
1:16:05 - Q: What strings do you use on your Telecaster?
1:16:54 - Q: How do I focus on what goals are important?
1:20:15 - Q: Any tips on linking pentatonic scale positions?
1:23:08 - Q: Do you offer a course that covers some of the practice concepts here?
1:24:23 - Recap
1:26:33 - Chord tone arpeggio pack (free download)
1:27:30 - Outro

๐Ÿ”— Links and Lessons Mentioned in this Deliberate Practice Video

๐ŸŽธ FREE Arpeggio Shapes Pack for Targeting Chord Tones when Soloing
๐ŸŽธ Chord tone improvisation videos playlist

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๐Ÿ’ฌ Deliberate Practice Strategies Video Description

This is my first livestream!

I've found these deliberate practice strategies to be helpful for myself, so I hope you find them helpful as well.

I've published a guitar lesson video every Tuesday for almost three years. For this week's lesson I decided to do it live!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about deliberate practice strategies and found it beneficial.

Let me know if you like the live format. If you do, I'll start going live once a month (separate from my weekly videos).

Thanks for watching! :)

- Jared

๐ŸŽธ FREE Arpeggio Shapes Pack for Targeting Chord Tones when Soloing


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