How to Practice + Happy Birthday Guitar Arrangement

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Don’t miss this golden practice advice about deliberate practice and consistency. Also, get my FREE Happy Birthday Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement: FREE PDF

Sound Guitar Lessons turns 1 this week! 🎂

Exactly one year ago this week I posted my first lesson video.

To celebrate I decided to take a break from the chords series I was doing to talk about consistency and practice habits instead.

You don't want to miss this golden practice advice that I learned from the world's leading psychologist on human performance and expertise.

Included is a fun practice challenge invented by Seinfeld that you can adopt in the new year to take your guitar progress to the next level.

I'll get back to the chords series next week with one of my favorite 7th chord exercises.

Lesson Content Outline with YouTube Timestamp Links:
0:00 - About this lesson
1:18 - Happy Birthday Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement
2:00 - Consistency BEFORE quality
3:15 - Introducing deliberate practice
4:27 - Why consistency first?
11:20 - Practice challenge option 1: Seinfeld method
14:51 - Practice challenge option 2: Go deliberate
16:31 - Which challenge will you do? / Outro

Happy Birthday Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement - Sheet Music and Tabs

download pdf version here

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