Fingerstyle Improvisation - FULL Fingerpicking Guitar Sound ON THE FLY

free download: chords with color improvisation solo guitar / fingerstyle Jul 19, 2022

This lesson is on Fingerstyle Improvisation and how to get a FULL Fingerpicking Guitar Sound ON THE FLY.
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Fingerstyle Improvisation Guitar Lesson Outline:

0:00 Introduction
1:03 Right hand pattern
2:23 Play the pattern with the ring finger
3:11 Alternate middle & ring fingers
4:20 Map out a scale
4:59 Play the pattern & scale together
7:01 Play melody & bass fills as 8th notes
7:52 Play bass, then chord, then back to pattern
9:10 Map out the chords of a key
11:51 Walk bass notes between chords


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Fingerstyle Improvisation Lesson Description

This is a really cool lesson.

Fingerstyle guitar has a full and complete sound by itself that many other guitar styles can't achievewithout accompaniment.

This means that this is great music to play or perform solo.

Being able to improvise in this stye can be incredibly liberating and satisfying.

These techniques allow your creativity and musical intuition to flourish, since you can apply them to chord changes, or to make your own arrangements of songs you like.

I hope you find the video useful and that you enjoy exploring these techniques on your own!


Diagrams From This Fingerstyle Improvisation Lesson Video:

Step 1: Right hand pattern



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