Minor Scale Chords Guitar Lesson - Learn how the hits used them

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In this minor scale chords guitar lesson you'll learn the music theory of chords in minor keys and how I recommend you practice them on the guitar.

I remember having a conversation with other musicians at a social gathering many years ago. 

Um... okay, yes we were talking about music theory at a party... no shame here :) 

My friend Mike, a great ukulele player, shared how a song he was working on used the second chord of the minor scale in an unusual way. 

"So you know how the second chord of the minor key is diminished?" he said as a setup. 

Uh oh... "Yeah, totally," I replied.  

Then I paused and decided to try to learn something instead of lying about it. "Wait... can you explain that to me actually?" 

I had been playing guitar for YEARS but never fully understood the chord qualities that exist through the minor scale. 

After learning the minor scale chords, guitar theory and all—and practicing through them on the fretboard—playing and writing in minor keys became so much easier. 

I made this video so that those who need it can get this info down ahead of time before the music-nerd parties are allowed to happen again post-covid :) 

I hope you enjoy! 

- Jared

Lesson Content Outline

0:00 - Lesson intro
0:22 - About this lesson
1:01 - Major key chords review
1:29 - Relative minor scale chords
3:55 - Parallel minor scale chords
5:54 - Chords through ‘A’ minor
6:23 - Music ex: Jolen by Dolly Parton
7:11 - Music ex: Heart of Gold by Neil Young
8:04 - Music ex: Somebody that I used to know by Gotye
8:30 - Major V chord and harmonic minor scale
11:59 - Music ex: Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys
13:32 - Outro

Minor Scale Chords - Guitar Chord Shapes from this Lesson

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