Chords Up the Neck of the Guitar (chords series, Ep. 7)

chord theory series: how to learn guitar chords - beginner to advanced chords free download: chords with color practice strategy & outlook technique Dec 01, 2020

 This lesson is about how to play chords up the neck of the guitar. It will teach you how to take all the major and minor triad chords and play them each in six different places up the neck—a total of 144 chords.



Can you play single chords up the neck of the guitar in at least six places?

Can you see where that chord exists in every position up the neck of the guitar?

If not then the exercise in this week's lesson is definitely for you. I call it the "144 Chords Exercise" and it's fantastic for clarifying the fretboard.

I know that sounds extreme but it's really not, and you'll see for yourself as I demonstrate through the entire thing in the video.

Make sure you watch this one (even if you know this stuff) because I also go on a great tangent about how to practice more effectively. :)  


Lesson Content Outline

0:00 - Lesson intro
0:50 - 144 Chords Exercise explanation
1:54 - The six major chord shapes
3:50 - The six minor chord shapes
4:43 - How and why to practice this
8:54 - Best general practice advice
10:25 - Full exercise demonstration
14:50 - Lesson outro


Chord Diagrams From This Lesson


Major Chord Shapes



Minor Chord Shapes


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