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This chord voicings guitar lesson will show you how to find where any one chord exists anywhere on the guitar

Weekly Lesson #57

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Lesson Description

This chord voicings guitar lesson is one of my favorite lessons so far. 

No drills or memorization, just a fun way to explore the fretboard and follow your curiosity. You'll realize how much control you have over chord voicings, guitar theory, and options for progressions. 

Check out how I use simple fretboard logic to start with a few basic chord shapes and find fresh chord voicings for them all over the guitar. 

If teaching you a chord by showing you a chord diagram is giving you fish, then this lesson is teaching you how to fish by teaching you how to find your own chord voicings. Guitar exercises like these are SO fun because you can follow your own path. 

Definitely take some time to play with this approach. Once it clicks it will permanently change how you see and navigate the fretboard. 


Video Lesson Content Outline with Links:

0:00 - About this lesson
2:02 - What are chord voicings?
5:01 - Exploring chord voicings of ‘A’ Major
7:21 - Voice leading with the 1st inversion major triad
7:55 - Song examples with 1st inversion major triad
9:34 - Exploring chord voicings of B7
12:49 - Song example: Wave 
13:25 - Exploring chord voicings of Dmin7
16:30 - Now you try it! :) 


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Final Thoughts

Chord voicings, guitar chord shapes, inversions, and chords themselves are all defined in this video and explained as to how they are different. I hope you enjoy finding your own chord voicings after this by starting with any chord you already know and moving it around on the guitar with this method. 

Let me know what you thought. 

Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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