Nailing Diminished Chord Tones is Next Level!

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Diminished Chord Tones Lesson Video Outline

0:00 - Intro / Nail the Changes / context
1:12 - Playing approach & description
3:54 - Demonstration
5:12 - Recap
6:53 - Outro / Nail the Changes / course videos playlist


Diminished Chord Tones Lesson Video Description

In this video I share one of the lessons from my lead guitar improvisation course called Nail the Changes.

This lesson demonstrates how to target diminished 7 chord tones when soloing over chord progressions.

Diminished 7th chords create such a powerful harmonic sound in music. When we can completely outline a diminished 7th chord, using chord tones, while improvising and soloing in jazz, or any music where diminished 7 comes, it has an extremely powerful effect.

All you need to do is target the chord tones, and the function of diminished 7 within the progression will do the rest.

It's a built-in way to create tension and release in your soloing and improvising in jazz guitar. It feels amazing to truly nail the changes like this. I hope you'll give it try :)

🎸 Check out my course, Nail the Changes


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