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In this video I show a shortcut to reading sheet music for guitar in the context of jazz guitar lead sheets.
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Content Outline for this Lesson on Reading Sheet Music for Guitar

0:00 - About this video on reading sheet music for guitar
0:59 - Why is it so difficult to read sheet music for guitar?
2:28 - The shortcut and why it works
4:40 - Example #1 - "Bright Size Life"
7:28 - Example #2 - "Almost Like Being in Love"
8:20 - More examples
9:09 - Commentary
9:54 - Play any jazz chord with just 8 shapes (FREE PDF)
10:46 - Outro


Description of this Video on Reading Sheet Music for Guitar

Hi there! Jared here from Sound Guitar Lessons with my weekly lesson for you.

Carsten, a student in one of my courses, reached out yesterday asking for advice on how to get started reading sheet music for guitar from jazz guitar lead sheets.

I do have some lessons on reading chord changes, but I realized that I haven't talked about reading melodies from guitar lead sheets yet in any of my videos.

So I decided to make this week's lesson on exactly that because I have a really effective method for it.

I didn't read a single note of sheet music until about ten years into playing guitar.

Once I realized that it was important to me it felt like it was too late.

I had to find a way to "catch up"... So I did.

I used the approach in this lesson, and it worked!

I'm totally okay with calling this technique a shortcut (because it's so much faster to get off the ground with it than other methods), but really it's just focused, targeted, and efficient.

If you've ever been frustrated by reading sheet music for guitar or by reading guitar lead sheets, then this lesson is for you.

Leave me a comment and a thumbs up if this video helpful.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you have a great rest of your week :)

- Jared

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