Guitar Theory! - Demystifying Compound Intervals vs Chord Extensions

chords fretboard mapping music theory online courses Oct 26, 2021

This guitar theory lesson about chord extensions is from my guitar theory course called Chords on Command. ➡ Learn more about Chords on Command course here.

Weekly Lesson #98


Guitar theory Compound Intervals vs Chord Extensions Lesson Content Outline With Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Intro + About the lesson
1:25 - About Chords on Command
4:19 - Overview of the lesson
5:27 - Examples
9:35 - When are chord tones above or below 7?
13:11 - Chord extension labeling rules
15:59 - Coming up next
17:08 - Conclusion & Outro


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Guitar theory Compound Intervals vs Chord Extensions Lesson Description:

A lot of guitarists don’t fully understand guitar theory and the logic of the fretboard.

I help them gain complete clarity of music theory on the guitar so they can express themselves more freely.

Start your journey mastering guitar theory and having more creative control over music today.


Chords on Command

by Jared Borkowski

The ultimate and most practical way to learn guitar chord theory and map out the fretboard

Guitar theory is so often taught without an exciting goal, a clear end-point, or a specific skill you can walk away with feeling good about. Not this time.

No more Googling. No more guessing.

Chords on Command is a complete program for learning how to analyze or create any possible chord on the guitar, from scratch, anywhere on the fretboard.

It's guitar theory with an exciting and practical purpose that anyone can learn.


Crack the code to chords. All of them.

Identify or create any chord:

You'll be able to identify, or design from scratch, literally any chord, anywhere on the guitar, no matter how advanced or complicated

No more looking up chord shapes:

You'll never have to look up how to play any chord ever again

Understand complex chord labels:

You'll know all the proper naming and labeling conventions for all chords, simple or complicated

Be an asset to other musicians:

If a friend or bandmate asks you what any chord is you'll know the answer or be able to figure it out quickly

About Chords on Command

Chords on Command is a comprehensive theory guide to how chords are made on the guitar. It's a proven, transformative, and hands-on system for gaining a complete understanding of guitar theory chord structure. By combining foundational music theory and the logic of the fretboard you'll learn how to identify—or design from scratch—literally any chord, in multiple places all over the guitar, no matter how advanced or complicated.


Learn more about Chords on Command course here


I hope you enjoyed this lesson about the guitar theory of compound intervals vs extensions and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared


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