Minor Pentatonic Scale Guitar Positions - All 5 shapes

beginning guitarist fretboard mapping lead guitar scale types in 5 positions (root to root) scales May 11, 2021

Here’s all five of the minor pentatonic scale guitar positions. You’re maybe really familiar with one of these minor pentatonic shapes, but knowing ALL the scale positions on the guitar is so freeing. 

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Weekly Lesson #74



Lesson Content Outline with Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Minor Pentatonic scale example intro
0:04 - About this lesson and channel
1:19 - Diagrams of the 5 minor pentatonic scale guitar positions
5:24 - Root to root method
6:26 - Demonstration of all five minor pentatonic scale guitar positions
7:32 - Comparison of major and minor pentatonic scales
8:06 - Next steps to master the scale patterns
9:56 - Top 3 pentatonic scale patterns PDF
11:19 - Technique reminders for scale practice
12:01 - Conclusion, outro, & Free PDF


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Lesson Description:

I'm continuing my series for learning all five scale positions of each scale type. 

Of course no scale lesson series on mapping out scale shapes would be complete without the minor pentatonic scale guitar positions. 

The method I use for mapping out scales is maybe needed most of all for the minor pentatonic scale. 

That's because we all know the ONE shape. 

And maybe we venture over and grab a few notes from the surrounding positions sometimes. 

But what about the other four guitar positions? Even if we know them, how well? 

I encourage you to take a couple minutes next time you're practicing the guitar to play through ALL FIVE positions of the minor pentatonic scale using the method I demonstrate in this lesson. 

I promise it feels grounding and helpful—it does for me anyway. Even after playing these shapes for years.   

The minor pentatonic scale guitar positions can be SO fun to play with if we know all five of them. I hope you’ll play around with some of the pentatonic positions that you’re less familiar with after this and get a jolt of inspiration. 


The Five Minor Pentatonic Scale Guitar Positions

➡ FREE PDF: Top 3 Pentatonic Scale Patterns for more melodic soloing

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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