Advanced jazz guitar chord melody arranging | Stella By Starlight

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In this video, I explain my process for arranging a jazz guitar chord melody by using "Stella By Starlight" as an example.
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๐Ÿ•› Video Content Outline

0:00 - Stella By Starlight chord melody
0:29 - About this video and series
1:47 - Melody
2:11 - Chord shapes - line 1
7:44 - Chord shapes - line 2
10:48 - Chord shapes - line 3
13:18 - Chord shapes - line 4
15:55 - Full demonstration
16:30 - Free solo guitar arrangements!


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๐Ÿ’ฌ Lesson Description

This is another episode of my series called "Make it a Chord Melody."

In this video, we arrange a jazz guitar chord melody for "Stella By Starlight," which is a beautiful standard.

I explain my decision-making process for harmonizing each note of the melody with a chord shape.

I also talk about “go to” chord shapes to use when the melody is a certain note, and how recognizing those patterns can make us faster at arranging jazz guitar chord melodies.

Chord melody arranging is a language, and chord shapes are the vocabulary.

I show the lead sheet throughout the lesson so you can follow the song, and I show the chord shapes as they appear so you can reference what shape I chose for any note of the melody.

If you want to know how to arrange your own chord melodies, this lesson will help give you a solid foundation.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about my thought process behind arranging a jazz guitar chord melody.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Thanks! :)

- Jared


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