Chord Tone Mapping Exercise #1 - Root to Root Arpeggios (Minor 7 chord example)

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Chord Tone Arpeggios Lesson Video Outline

0:00 - Intro / Nail the Changes / context
1:50 - Exercise description
2:29 - Exercise demonstration
4:41 - Outro / Nail the Changes / course videos playlist


Chord Tone Arpeggios Lesson Video Description

In this video I share one of the lessons from my lead guitar improvisation course called Nail the Changes.

This videos simply demonstrates one of the key exercises in the program where we outline and map out all of our arpeggios and chord tones in one position on the fretboard.

After doing that we can start to work on truly improvising with them and making great solos over any chord progression. By mapping out chord tones in this exact way, through the circle of 4ths in one location on the fretboard, it ensures that we cover every physical shape possible for each chord.

By doing that we can then use those same shapes later all over the fretboard without having any blind spots in our playing. This approach is especially important if wanting to play jazz guitar.

In this video I demonstrate this exercise with the minor 7th chord. Minor 7 chord tones sound great through the circle of 4th, so it's a fun chord to work through.

🎸 Check out my course, Nail the Changes


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