Chords of the Harmonic Minor Scale

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This lesson is all about how to learn and practice the chords of the harmonic minor scale

Weekly Lesson #65


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Lesson Description

Have you ever encountered this chord?: EbMaj7(#5).

If you have then you’ve encountered one of the harmonic minor scale chords.

If you haven't then you might be interested in knowing how crazy chords like that can even exist in the first place.

In short, weirder chords come from weirder scales, which in my opinion includes the harmonic minor scale.

In this week's lesson we explore the chords of the harmonic minor scale, and specifically the harmonic minor scale guitar chord shapes that I recommend learning as an introduction to the harmonic minor chords. 


Video Lesson Content Outline with Links:

0:00​ - Intro
0:26​ - Review of where chords come from
1:18​ - Harmonic minor compared to natural minor
1:38​ - Harmonic minor scale along 5th string
1:54​ - Triad chords of the harmonic minor scale
7:14​ - 7th chords of the harmonic minor scale
9:17​ - Outro Statement


Links Mentioned in this Lesson


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Final Thoughts

This lesson on the chords of the harmonic minor scale definitely gets into some potentially confusing theory concepts, but that’s fun right?? :) Regardless, the harmonic minor scale chords presented with the chord shape diagrams that I provide should be simple to play with on your own, even if some of the theory is confusing. I hope you enjoy hearing the weirdness of that augmented chord from these harmonic minor chords (it’s one of my faves) as well as discovering that harmonic minor is one of the sources of the diminished 7 chord.


I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought. 

Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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