Harmonizing a ONE-Note-Melody with TWELVE Chords

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In this lesson we're going to harmonize a one note melody with twelve different chords.
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Harmonizing a One-Note-Melody Video Outline

0:00 - Intro
0:43 - Video outline
1:24 - Walking through the progression
8:00 - Demonstration in a musical context
9:06 - Improvising over the progression
10:01 - Chord chart download
10:47 - Takeaways and feedback
11:40 - Outro


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Melody Harmonization Lesson Description

In this lesson we're going to harmonize a one-note-melody with twelve different chords.

If you're curious about what chords go with what melody notes, or how reharmonization works, then this video should be helpful.

Here's what it covers:

  • You'll hear and see the twelve chords that all harmonize one note (with clear chord diagrams)
  • You'll hear the chords and melody together in time
  • And just for fun I solo over the progression, so you'll hear and see what scales work with each chord for improvising.

I got this idea from the jazz fusion guitarist, Mike Stern. I went to one of his workshops many years ago and I've been using this technique ever since for improvising, composing, and arranging.


Diagrams from this Harmonization Video:





























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