How to Practice and Hear Modes on the Guitar

scales Mar 17, 2020

There’s a lot of information on the theory of musical modes out there, but very little on how to actually practice them or use them.
If you understand what modes are but haven’t yet figured out how to work on them or apply them, then this video is for you! 
And if you’ve never heard of modes before, don’t worry, I explain them from the ground up in this lesson. 
I believe in learning by doing, not just studying abstractly. Creating and practicing strict exercises that force us to use musical structures in specific ways is the key to truly grasping something. 
And modes are no exception. 
I have a special exercise for how to take this vague theoretical concept and turn it into something tangible that we can actually play, hear, see, and truly understand.
I call it the "Root to Root Exercise", and I’m excited share it with you! 

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