Finding Notes on a Guitar - Find Guitar Neck Notes Easily

beginning guitarist fretboard mapping music theory Jun 16, 2020

This video will teach you how to find notes on a guitar. By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to find and identify any guitar neck notes easily. Learning all the notes on a guitar doesn't happen from memorizing a fretboard diagram; It happens from learning the logic of interval shapes on the fretboard, which is what I teach in this lesson.

Content Outline with Timestamps:
0:00 — Lesson Intro (what this video is about)
0:47 — Who I am and what my channel is about
1:05 — Lesson Overview
2:12 — Open Guitar String Notes
3:17 — Structure of Natural Notes
6:01 — Natural Notes on the 6th String
7:57 — Natural Notes on the 5th String
9:53 — Finding Sharp and Flat Notes on a Guitar
12:56 — Finding Any Notes on a Guitar Using Octaves
19:56 — How to Practice Finding Notes on a Guitar
22:22 — Lesson Review
23:54 — BONUS: When to think of note names and when not to
26:47 — Leave a Comment and Happy Practicing



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