Guitar Inverted Chords - The real meaning behind guitar chord inversions

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This week's lesson is on guitar inverted chords and I explain the real meaning behind guitar chord inversions

Weekly Lesson #64

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Lesson Description

There's a common misconception about guitar inverted chords. Yes, we can practice chord shapes that don't have the root on the bottom—which means they're inverted guitar chords right? Well... Yes and no. If simply viewed as guitar chord inversion shapes on the fretboard, then yes. But inversion guitar chords that are just shapes don't always function as true chord inversions in the overall sound of the music. In this week's lesson I explain the difference. I'm excited to share this video with you because there are so many great music examples to draw from! 


Video Lesson Content Outline with Links:

0:00โ€‹ - Introduction
0:18โ€‹ - Definition & history of chord inversions
1:01โ€‹ - Two ways to find guitar chord inversions
2:23โ€‹ - Shapes of inverted guitar chords vs inversion function
3:33โ€‹ - Chord inversions written as slash chords
4:19โ€‹ - Inversions Example #1: Don’t Think Twice 
5:39โ€‹ - Inversions Example #2: You’ve Got A Friend in Me
6:55โ€‹ - Inversions Example #3: In My Life by The Beatles
8:17โ€‹ - Inversions Example #4: My Funny Valentine
9:53โ€‹ - Inversions Example #5: Study in A by Carcassi
10:53โ€‹ - Inversions Example #6: The Neighbor IV Chord
12:10โ€‹ - Shapes of dominant 7 inverted guitar chords
13:26โ€‹ - Outro / Next Lessons


Links Mentioned in this Lesson


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Resources used to make this video

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Final Thoughts

Using inverted guitar chords allows us to connect the bottom voice of the harmony melodically much like treating each of our strings as a choir or an orchestra but on the guitar. Inverted chords aren’t always just shapes on the fretboard, but can function to move the overall sound of the music in a specific way. But both ways are still great to practice :) 

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it beneficial. Let me know what you thought. 

Thanks! :) 

- Jared

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