Phrasing Exercise #1 - The Power of Pausing (Using Space as Sound)

improvisation jazz guitar lead guitar nail the changes online courses phrasing time / metronome Oct 18, 2022

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Phrasing and Pausing Lesson Video Outline

0:00 - Intro / Nail the Changes course / context
1:18 - Exercise description
3:02 - Beginner level
3:44 - Intermediate level
4:18 - Advanced level
5:23 - Beginner level guitar demonstration
7:13 - Intermediate level guitar demonstration
8:28 - Advanced level guitar demonstration
10:28 - Outro / Nail the Changes course / course videos playlist


Phrasing and Pausing Lesson Video Description

In this video I share one of the lessons from inside my lead guitar improvisation course called Nail the Changes.

The course is about nailing the harmony when improvising over chord changes, but before even talking about chord tones and all the "right notes" I have a whole lesson module solely dedicated to phrasing.

Phrasing is what makes solos and improvisation sound musical regardless of what notes we play so it's very important to work on before applying specific scales to specific chords or anything like that.

There are three main phrasing exercises in the course—this is the first one.

Phrasing is mostly about reacting to what we played before, repeating similar rhythms, and being able to control our rhythmic structures on the fly.

🎸 Check out my course, Nail the Changes


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