Should You Learn Learn Three Notes Per String Scales? (3NPS Scales)

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In this short video I share my preference between three notes per string scales (3NPS scales) and CAGED scales.
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3NPS Guitar Scales Video Outline

0:00 - Intro
1:05 - My experience with 3NPS
2:26 - Where 3NPS falls apart
3:01 - CAGED / ergonomic scale forms
3:47 - Chord tone arpeggio pack (free download)
4:09 - Outro


Links & Lessons Mentioned in this 3NPS Guitar Scales Video


3NPS Guitar Scales Video Description

Totally "mapping out the fretboard" is essential for getting to the level of creative freedom that I want on the guitar.

This means learning and labeling scale forms, arpeggios shapes, and chord voicings all over the instrument in different keys and positions.

That's why I have so much lesson material on those topics.

Whenever I teach anything related to scales I get asked this: "What about three notes per string scales?"

3NPS, as it's often abbreviated, is a system of scale forms on the guitar that serves as an alternative to the more common CAGED system scale forms.

I have a pretty strong opinion about which system is better, because I exclusively used 3NPS scales for years.

The more ways you can see the layout of scales on the guitar the better, but it's only necessary to become totally fluent in one scale mapping approach.

In this super-short, 4-minute video I share which one I prefer and why.

You'll see that my answer relates to my last lesson about hand tension and the longevity of our playing.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have a great rest of your week and that you get some fun guitar time in :)

- Jared

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