The Girl From Ipanema Guitar Chords

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This is a tutorial on The Girl From Ipanema guitar chords using the easiest possible chord shapes.


Features of this Video Lesson:

✅ Easy to Play Chords (that sound smooth and professional)

This arrangement of the chords from The Girl From Ipanema is much easier to play than other versions because: 
  1. It doesn't include any barre chords 
  2. It includes the use of open strings wherever possible
These two considerations make it much easier to be relaxed, and to sound smooth and connected when playing. 

✅ Chord Diagrams

I show all the chords as written diagrams (posted below as well), including exactly which left hand fingers to use, and then I demonstrate each chord on the guitar so you can see and hear them as well. 

✅ Full Song Demonstration

At the end of the video I play a demonstration of the whole song using exactly the chords from this tutorial but with the melody added on top so you can hear how well these chord options work in context. 

Transposed to the Key of 'A'

These are the official Girl From Ipanema guitar chords transposed to the key of 'A', but with a capo you can play them in any key. 
For example if you want to play the song in the key of F (the key it’s most commonly played in), you can use the open-string chords I show you in this video and put a capo on the eighth fret.

Video Content Outline with YouTube Timestamp Links:

0:00 - Lesson Introduction
1:14 - 'A' Section Chord Diagrams
6:55 - 'A' Section Chords on Guitar
9:32 - 'B' Section Chord Diagrams
16:57 - Complete View of All Chord Diagrams
17:19 - 'B' Section Chords on Guitar
19:52 - Full Song Demonstration with Melody
21:01 - Play ANY Jazz Chord with Just 8 Shapes

Chord Diagrams From the Video

The white numbers indicate which left hand fingers to use

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