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In this lesson I provide simple exercises to hone your technique for rolling chords on guitar.
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0:00 - About this lesson
1:34 - Exercise #1: Two chords through a scale
7:31 - Exercise #2: Chords in time
8:21 - Exercise #3: Playing a melody
12:39 - Recap
13:21 - Solo guitar music to practice (FREE PDF)
13:53 - What to watch next


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๐Ÿ’ฌ Lesson Description

In this lesson, I talk about how to work on rolling chords with the right-hand.

Instead of playing the notes in a chord all at once, we're rolling chords when we roll our fingers from the lowest to the highest note.

It's a wonderful technique that can add a lot of expression to your playing in a fingerstyle or classical genre.

In the lesson, I go through a series of exercises for rolling chords that are musical and fun to play.

With focus and attention, these exercises will make you very confident in rolling chords on guitar.

Whether we use nails, no nails, or finger picks, it makes no difference to rolling chords – the technique itself is the same.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson about rolling chords and found it beneficial.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.

Thanks! :)

- Jared


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