Classical Guitar Finger Picks | Alaska Pik Review (finger picks vs nails) beginning guitarist classical guitar free pdf - solo gtr arr pack reviews solo guitar / fingerstyle technique Nov 02, 2021

Guitar finger picks can be helpful in many genres but how about for classical guitar? This video is an Alaska Pik review about classical guitar finger picks vs nails. I used these finger picks for years. 

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Make your own guitar fretboard diagrams - Free guitar diagram software review free download: chords with color fretboard mapping music theory reviews scales Sep 28, 2021

Guitar fretboard diagrams are useful for learning. And sometimes we might want to make our own! In this lesson I review a free website that lets you make your own guitar fretboard diagrams. 

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The Word that Means Nothing in Creativity beginning guitarist chords fretboard mapping music theory reviews rhythm guitar Aug 25, 2020

"Good" Means Nothing in Creativity:

Today I want to take a closer look at what it means to call the results of any creative work "good", and how believing in language like that is holding us back from accessing a deeper level of creative expression and courage.

We constantly refer to creative...

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