My Best Guitar Technique Advice After 15 Years of Teaching (this will change how you practice) free download: top 3 pentatonic patterns practice strategy & outlook technique Dec 24, 2019

Technique is standing between us and everything we ever want to play on the guitar. 
We should all be dedicating at least a small portion of our practice time to technique. If we improve our technical abilities then learning all the fun stuff gets WAY easier.
But what should...
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Welcome to Sound Guitar Lessons (A Grounded Approach to Learning Guitar) Dec 17, 2019

Welcome to Sound Guitar Lessons.

This is the place to get solid musicianship training on the guitar.

I’m here to not only help you improve immensely as a guitarist, but to guide you in becoming a proficient and well-rounded musician.

My lessons cover a wide range of topics but they're...

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